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Federation Cooperative is a leader in the cranberry industry,
supplying fertilizer, crop protection products and a complete
line of fine lubricants, fuels and propane. Let our years of
experience help you make the right choices about growing your crop.


Grades Available:
13-13-13 w/SOP


CranMax Plus is a manufactured cranberry fertilizer
for Maximum yields. Available only at Federation Cooperative.


We are pleased to announce that our CranMax has been a beneficial investment in our growers' crops over the years. CranMax is a manufactured cranberry fertilizer for maximum yields which was started in the 1980's at WildHawk, Inc. It was developed to maximize cranberry yields using more efficient forms of nitrogen and potassium. CranMax was reintroduced in 2012 due to customer needs and demands. Since then, we are pleased to say that the new line, 8-8-24-17, has treated our growers well. We carry CranMax only at our Federation Cooperative Cranberry Supply in Warrens, WI.

I've been an agronomist for the past 18 years working as a Certified Crop Advisor and Technical Service Provider in row crops, vegetables and most recently cranberries. Being involved with agriculture as a licensed insurance agent and CNMP whole farm nutrient management planner has given me a wider perspective on the industry as a whole. Working in the cranberry industry has not only been eye opening and exciting but has been humbling as well ‐ just when you think you know something..! Federation Cooperative has allowed me to gain the tools I need to continue learning and managing the cranberry specific location in Warrens for all our present and future growers abiding by our Mission Statement: Federation Cooperative will strive to offer our customers high quality , competitively priced products and services in a manner that will benefit our member owners.

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Penny Langer
Cranberry Specialists
24125 County EW Warrens, WI
Office: 608-378-4640
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